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Ex MLC Dr. Shehnaz Ganai visited LOC in Degwar Sector of Poonch district

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In order to access the problems faced the LOC residents the Ex MLC Dr. Shehnaz Ganai visited village Pothi of Noorkote Panchayat situated at extreme LOC in Degwar Sector of Poonch district. She was warmly welcomed by the residents of LOC especially women folk as she is the first political leader to visit this place after Noorkote was declared as new Panchayat earlier this year. She was told that the public of this area faces severe scarcity of drinking water and most of the times they don’t have any water facility to perform the last rites of their dead. They told that though a bore well was dug in 2011 at the base of Degwar village, but it has not been made functional till yet.

They told her that the only developmental work during the last two decades is Degwar to Pothi link road which was constructed out of your CDF grant. They further told her that the fencing before the two kilometers of actual border is another issue for them as they have to go through many formalities and they have to travel far off to cross the gate to reach their homes and the village ladies feel shy in absence of a lady police at the gates. They were of the view that the studies of their children also gets effected during ceasefire violations and that’s why their children get dropped in written tests of every recruitment meant for belt forces  because they can’t compete with the children of other areas. They asked her to take this issue with the higher authorities so that a special recruitment package could be framed for the children residing at the actual line of control areas.

They showed their grave concern over the non construction of bunkers at this extreme LOC area as no bunker has been constructed in Noorkote Panchayat where it is direly needed. They told her that the most of the people of the area are labour class and most of them are engaged in army as porters. They further told that no developmental work under TSP or BADP programme has been implemented in this area so far. They said once upon a time they constructed toilets under SBM programme, but they get only one installment of rupees 5000/- by the Panchayat department and till to day they are waiting for the second installment.

After listening the public issues patiently and carefully she talked to the Distt. Dev. Commissioner Poonch on phone from the spot and appealed him to resolve all these issues at an earliest for which he gave a positive response. She also talked to BDO Poonch to pay the second installment to the beneficiaries of village Pothi under SBM programme. She thanked the public especially women sect for showing their trust, love and affection for her late father and for her. She congratulated them to stand by the Indian Army at hours of need even after the lackness of basic facilities. She was quite amazed to know that bunkers have not been constructed in Poonch area while the same has got already constructed in Jammu, R.S.Pura, Akhnoor and Nowshera sectors. She assured them to take up the issue of recruitment in belt forces with the higher authorities for special recruitment of LOC children.

She also talked to the Army officers of the area and congratulated them for their timely help to the LOC public in emergence situation and hope the same would be continued in future also under operation Sadbhavna.

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