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In keeping with the national Swajal scheme, another monumental step was taken up today by the Hamadard-e-Kupwara Battalion under the aegis of Vajra Division and Hajipir Brigade. In the humane initiative for the betterment of Awaam of Kupwara, villages of Kalaroos and Khumriyal received Potable Water Filtration kits.

Addressing the ongoing problem of non-availability of clean, safe and drinkable potable water, Hamadard-e-Kupwara Battalion has tied up a series of reforms to be implemented in the rural areas of Kupwara. This initiative has been fructified in consultation and with the assistance of Tata Chemicals CSR Division for the locals of the area.

Mr Prantik Sarkar and Mr Vivek, head of Tata PURE IT division were present for the event and enlightened the Awaam regarding the importance of using filtered and clean potable water. They also spoke about the various safeguards to be taken in order to prevent water borne diseases and ailments, the common cause of which is contaminated drinking water.

The highlight of the campaign was the distribution of 220 Tata PURE IT kits at Khumriyal and Kalaroos villages at nominal rates for providing access to clean drinking water to the two villages. As the kits included an extra Filter Cartridge, the present apparatus and filters will provide safe potable water to the needy for the next three years without any requirement of maintenance or further purchases.

Encouraged by the response and paying heed to the demand of the Awaam, more kits will soon be facilitated for distribution. The locals appreciated the efforts of the Army in organising the campaign and the same was amply conveyed by the footfall received at the venue. Hamadard-e-Kupwara Battalion assured the Awaam that more such welfare measures will be planned in the coming future which will focus towards improving the standard of living of the Awaam and pave way for a brighter and healthier future.

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