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PC worker cajoles voters with ‘cash for vote’ cue

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The ‘vote-buying’ episodes of this election season have resurrected, just a day before the second phase of Lok Sabha elections this time all the way from Srinagar, from a leader of Sajjad Lone’s Jammu and Kashmir People’s Conference (JKPC) party.

Latif Mir, the JKPC leader could be seen through the hidden camera, coaxing people and brazenly putting a price on their votes.

He said, “Whether you go to Paris, London, France, Germany or America, you must know, I am the real friend of people living in the valley. I have an attachment with this place. This border is mine…And sometimes I take off planes from here…Let others also speak and put forth their point of view.”

“If you want money, I will give but if I tell you tomorrow that you paid me Rs. 300 for a vote, I promise even if someone doesn’t vote, my relation with him will not end. If you call me in the night, I can come for you even at 1 in the night. I am not away from you. There is an official record that I have never locked my door since 1989. I will settle your issues,” he added.

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