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In view of the upcoming Territorial Army Recruitment, the Army Camp Boniyar as part of its outreach program started a Pre-Recruitment Training Capsule with the aim to equip the youth with the knowledge and wherewithal to succeed in the written exam.

 The training capsule began with a written test to check their preparation level and identify weaknesses. This will be followed by a detailed training curriculum spread over a period of three weeks.

 Classes are being conducted by Army Education Instructors on a variety of subjects. The basic aim of the training is to provide the youth with latest study materials and teach them the techniques of solving various problems. A total of 15 candidates who have qualified in physical tests attended the classes on first day. Candidates were informed about the format of the written examination through model test papers of previous Recruitment Rallies.

 The youth were grateful for the guidance provided by the Army and assured their full effort and commitment in preparing for the exam. This initiative will definitely help the youth to increase their chances for success in all their future endeavours.

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