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Taking another step towards creating goodwill amongst the Awaam, Badampura & Dagarpura  based Army camps in Ganderbal extended a helping hand to the residents of  the  remote areas of Ahatkura, Rabitar, Narayan Bagh, Gund roshan, Latti Mohalla and Dar Mohalla by organising a Mega Medical Camp.

The patients were given medical treatment alongwith free medicines, cases requiring special treatment were asked to seek advice from MI Room at Ganderbal. Local PHC also contributed towards the endeavor by providing two Lady doctors for the medical camp in addition to the two Army Medical Officers.

 The medical Camp provided medical assistance to approx 900 people which included men, women and children of all age groups. The efforts of the Army were well received by the locals which is evident from the amount of people who came to avail the facilities, which again is a reassurance of unflinching faith and bonding between Army and Awam.

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