War is not an option to resolve disputes. This was stated by Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) while commenting on the latest statements of India and Pakistan.

The party Spokesperson said in a statement that disputes are resolved amicably and not by issuing threatening statements which add to the problems for ordinary people.

The JKDFP Spokesperson said that New Delhi must understand the fact that Kashmir dispute is the only cause of confrontation in the subcontinent. It has so far swallowed lakhs of human souls, and it is the main reason that world powers get a chance to interfere in the regional matters.

It is again the long pending Kashmir dispute which has led to a race of collecting weapons and the countries involved spend huge wealth on weapons instead of upliftment of the poor. Since the countries involved are fully aware bout the destructions of a war however especially New Delhi is creating a situation by its statements only to achieve political mileage.

New Delhi has used every imperialistic measure to silent the Kashmiri people who are fighting for their genuine political rights however they time and again raise their voice whenever they get a chance.

It is high time for New Delhi to release all political prisoners like JKDFP chief Shabir Shah and create such a situation which can help in resolving the Kashmir dispute amicably.