COVID-19:Taking advantage of lockdown smugglers on rampage in forests of Urpash and Gutlibagh.Our employees don’t have movement passes:DFO Ganderbal

SULIMAN SEITH: Ganderbal 12 April:Unabated timber smuggling in the forests of Urpesh area of Gutlibagh in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district has taken a heavy toll on the green gold of the area, with the authorities looking as mute spectators.
The forests have been left unchecked by the concerned employees (forest Guard) that has given a free run to the smugglers, the locals complained.
They also said Smugglers are taking advantage of the lockdown and are looting our green gold without any fear of authorties.
According to sources,forest trees were cut down in compartment No’s 44 and 45 in urpesh area of Gutlibagh
“The forest officials never bothered to visit the spot for checking and it seems that there is nexus between them and employees,sources added.
Local source informed the department that might be in deep slumber and ignored the safety of the trees from Forest mafia who are active in this lockdown
“The loot of our forest cover is going on in broad daylight and the forest department is doing nothing to stop this loot. Possibly without the league of forest department employee’s loot of green gold is not possible,”locals said
“We see some smugglers carrying axes and others going into forested areas in the wee hours of morning, trying to destroy the trees,sources told
When contacted DFO Ganderbal Mr Owais Mir he said our employees don’t have movement passes.we already forwarded a letter to Deputy Commissioner Ganderbal for issuance of passes to forest employees .
He also added strict action will be take against those who are found guilty.

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