Over 98 per cent patients recover in Bandipora, active cases stand at 25

Bandipora: This north Kashmir district which recently emerged as a coronavirus hotspot of the valley with 134 confirmed cases and a death is now on its way to recovery after over 108 people who were infected with the virus have now tested negative and have been discharged.

Bandipora district that has the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases has also now the highest number of recovered patients, giving a glimmer of hope to the residents.

An official told news agency that around 108 Covid-19 patients have been cured and discharged till Wednesday out of the total 134 confirmed.

“Since the first case was identified on March 24, the district has reported 134 positive cases so far of which 108 patients have recovered which means that almost 98 per cent of the infected persons have made a complete recovery. Only 25 cases are active now in the district,” he said.

“The patients who were discharged from the hospital after recovery from Covid-19 belong to Gund-Jahengeer, Naidkhai, Gund-Dachina Gund-Qaiser, SK Bala, Kunan and Kehnusa,” he said adding that all the other patients are also doing well and none of them needed a ventilator care during their treatment.

Deputy Commissioner Bandipora Shahbaz Mirza appealed the public to continue to take precautions to avoid spread of the virus and “cautioned that a single mistake can again land us in trouble and hence everybody needs to be cautious and stay safe.”

He said 37 quarantine facilities have been made available in the district with a bed capacity of about 1500 beds. He said the students who have returned from abroad and other states have also been put in separate quarantine facilities.

He said there are 132 persons under administrative quarantine at present in the district and so far 1704 persons have completed their recommended quarantine period and have returned to their homes while 11813 persons also completed their home quarantine

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