No Jumah Prayer at central Imam Bargah Budgam , Imam Bargah Hassanabad and other Imam Bargha’s associated with J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian

Coronavirus:  Anjuman Sharie Shian activates Quick Response Team

Headline: No Jumah Prayer at central Imam Barg Budgam , Imam Bargh Hassanabad and other Imam Barghs associated with J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian  Budgam, Mar 26: Citing the intensity of the crisiahs emerging out of Corna scare, President J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian Aga Syed Hassan Mosavi Al-Safvi who is under House arrest form last seven months has activated his organizations Quick Response Team to support the nation and community in this hour of need. The team, under guidance of Aga Syed Hasan has already served the nation in natural disasters and prolonged lockdowns to minimize human suffering, from past many decades. To fight this pandemic, the current QRT is equipped with 250 volunteers.  Almost, every Muhalla associated with Anjuman has its team to respond to any emergency. The QRT is advised to follow WHO and Medical advisory while conducting operations. In the context, all educational institutions are closed and hostels are vacated including Babul Ilem Public Higher Secondary School and its branches, Babul Ilem Oriental Collage and Hawza Ilmia, Maktab Zahra Women Collage Hassanabad, Rainawari and all Maktabis and Madrasa associated with the. In a statement to KNT, Aga Syed Hasan said that congregational prayers and Friday Prayers are suspended in Masjids, Khankahs and Imambaras including, Markazi Imambara Shariat Abad Budgam, Ziyarat Mir Syed Shms Din Araki, Chadoora Budgam, Khankah Mir Shams Din Araki Zadibal, Imambara Hassanabad Rainawari, Jama Masjid AbiGuzr Srinagar. Besides Azan, no congregation is allowed at any local Masjid in District Baramullah and Anantnag, areas including Dal, Hazratbal, Rakharath Bemina; also Ambulances of Imam Hussain (A.S) Hospital, Bemina(Curretnly under the Supervision of J&K Anjuman Sharie Shian) have been kept 24×7 ready in order to ferry patients to other hospitals.“people are advised to pray and make special duas individually at their homes. People are notified that all Ziyarat, Khankas, Imambaras, Madaris etc are closed and strictly not open for public so do not trouble yourself to visit any such places specially at Budgam, Srinagar, Chadoora.”Aga Syed Hasan has clearly extended Wakuf properties for any use that the government finds appropriate with medical advisory. He has advised the people with travel history to cooperate with the medical team and consider it a religious duty and one who fails to do so is equal to violation of religious laws. In this context, the Volunteers are deliberated to keep track of sick, old age, pregnant ladies, daily wagers, poor, destitute and other vulnerable groups, including those who have travelled to foreign countries in recent past.

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