Power outages tormenting Kashmiris: NC

National Conference (NC) Friday said that the “erratic” power supply was tormenting the people of Kashmir, saying the promise of ruling BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) that electric supply for winters would be “far better than previous years” had fallen flat.

A statement of NC issued here quoted the NC’s additional spokeswoman Sarah Hayat Shah as expressing concern over the erratic power supply in Srinagar and saying that on the contrary the demand for electricity supply in Kashmir continues to outstrip its supply and people were not just without heat in the ongoing harsh winters, but also losing business, study time and health.

“Making electricity available to each household in Jammu and Kashmir was used as a prelude to the nullification of J&K’s special status. It was also promised to the people that the scenario of power would be far better than the previous years. The reality is before us. It goes without saying that the state of affairs of power this year has been most terrible, revealing the failure of ruling BJP’s failed Vikas Model, if there was any at first place,” she said in the statement.

Shah said that an electricity schedule was widely circulated by the concerned authorities but the concerned department had failed to abide by its own widely-publicised schedule.

“The situation in the metered and non-metered areas is no different. The power supply is playing hide and seek with the consumers in both the areas. The announced power curtailment schedule according to which non-metered areas would face four-hour and metered areas three-hour curtailment per day has gone for a toss. On the other front, the administration also failed to ensure surplus supply of transformers to cater the need during the winter season,” she said in the statement.

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