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Introduction :

Here is an absorbing story regarding the originator of Angel’s Cultural Academy who faced a lot of challenges while setting the bedrock of Angel’s Cultural Academy.
Tariq ahmad Shera is a leading entrepreneur, social activist who hails from Drabiyar, Habba kadal . He was born on 9 August 1990. He did his schooling from Iqbal Memorial School Shalla Kadal. He did his higher secondary levels from M.P.ML higher secondary school Bagh-i-dilawar Khan Srinagar. He completed his graduation from Amar Singh college Srinagar .He also achieved a number of degrees such as M. A. in Urdu from MANUU (Maulana Azad National Urdu university), M.Sc. in mathematics from the Kashmir university. He didB.ed fromKashmir University. He is also an approved artist by DD Kashir and All India Radio Srinagar. He participated in a number of co-curricularactivities like acting, writing, debates, discussions , educational programs, awareness programs, NSS programs, NCC programs, etc.
He worked with the sets of Doordarshan Kendraand All India Radio Srinagar. He also bagged a number of awards from the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir, Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar and Stationdirector of All India Radio Srinagar which adds unique colors to his wings.


Mr. Tariq does not want to see that, the talent of our Youths should go in vain. In order to introduce the skillful youths in front of public, Mr. Tariq laid the foundation of Angel’s Cultural Academy on 03 December 2015.
Angel’s Cultural Academy is a social organization that encourages the youths of Kashmir to express their talent in front of people.
However , He faced a lot of challenges while building Angel’s Cultural Academy. In the earlier days of Angel’s Cultural Academy, people lacked a lot of trust from Him. They always said that, this effort of Tariq Ahmad isn’t going to be successful.
Mr. Tariq Ahmad never paid any type of attention towards the thinking of such narrow-minded people. He worked hard on his project and today ACA isa leading social organization in the valley of Kashmir.
2020 was the year when the people from all around the world were suffering from chaos due to the dreadfulpandemic . In such times, Mr. Tariq went to a number of youths to make them feel that they are something precious. He alsoinaugurated a social event in October 2020 where the youths were able to show their talent.
Literary and cultural welfare society
Shehr-E-Khaasliterary andcultural welfare society is also a social organization that has been made for the betterment of our society. It is also founded by Tariq Ahmad Shera. The first event of Shehr-e-Khaas will appear very soon in front of the Kashmiri people. Writers, Actors, Dramatists, poets, singers, etc. from all over the Kashmir are invited here to show their skills.
Angle’s Drug Free India
As we know, that most of our youth are suffering through a dangerous period of time. Drug addiction is becoming increasingly common among our youngsters. It ruins their life slowly and silently.
Mr. Tariq Ahmad Shera is definitely doing some astounding activities that are helping our society a lot and we must appreciate Mr. Tariq Ahmad Shera for his love towards our society. President of Angel’s Cultural Academy created an organization namely Angel’s Drug Free India for the betterment of society. The mission of Angel’s Drug Free India is to educate youth and adults on facts about drugs so they can make informed decisions about drugs. This organization shall work not just for youth who are addicted but also those who may be attracted to drugs and those who want to overcome this menace. Mr. Tariq Ahmad Shera, the administrator of Angel’s Drug Free India, would keep a close vigil on such elements of the society who are promoters of a drug culture. This organization welcomes all who want to work voluntarily for the betterment of the society and heal Kashmir from the menace of drugs. This group is being supported by Foundation for A Drug-Free World, India.
Meeras-e-Kashmir is a YouTube channel and a Facebook page that has been created in 2020 by Tariq Ahmad Shera where he interacts with the young lads of our Kashmir. The interviews, comedy skits and some motivational speechesare uploaded on Meeras-E-Kashmir by which the youths get highlighted on social media very effectively. They are also bestowed with the Certificates of Appreciation which are enough to boost the confidence of the youngsters.
It is my pleasure to have a person like Tariq Ahmad Shera in our society , who always concentrates for the betterment of the society without any greed. Hedeserves a lot of credit more than he is bestowed .


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