Silk Rout Aggrandized Beast Halaqou Khan to turn Tides of Tigris Red and Black

At present   Chinese Communist Party is surreptitiously busy to conflagrate and exacerbate entire Silk route from Kashgar to Kashmir. The pugnacious  Maoism variety of Marxism–Leninism  ,Halaqouism propounded by  Mao Zedong  of  People’s Republic of China as  peasants red revolutionary Vanguard but in reality more  dangerous than Halaqou khan’s red sword.  From Mao Zedong to present Xi jinping   their   abstruse strategies of  Hybrid communism ushered  entire region to    threshold  of  flashpoint  of disaster. This is apt time   to dig out facts underneath old rocks of silken routes and find out   how these twisted routes   Silk Rout Aggrandized Beast  Halaqou Khan to   turn   Tides of   Tigris   Red and Black.

Today when highly modernized roads, marvel of  Chinese communist bridges connecting clefts of  karakuram summits are echoing chants  of Economy ,when glazed reflections of  captivating landscapes existing on both  sides of each digital  corners of CPEC ,we find   platitude of ‘Economy’ engraved as title of this ostensible   corridor connecting two divergent ideologies of china Pakistan .However  while studying Halaqou Khan we understand that same way clandestine plan of plundering treasures of Economy of civilizations of rightist faiths is  synonymous sin que non of Maoism  and Halaqouism.

The Plasma screens decorating the silken rout build by Chinese companies out of lavish 46 billion  dollar budget, are simultaneously beaming   Ephemeral horror images of colorful  beasts of past. The history recognize dreaded images of  Halaqou Khan laughing while holding blood soaked sword in his hand  amidst tides of Tigris. It reminds us how he marched on this road to   reach to Tigris river where he built bridge literature   crossing the river by throwing millions of books in river which turned all its tides black . He slaughtered   one million population of all faiths  on these bridges  connecting them with  silk routes as Maoist are interconnecting Obor. Halaqou enjoyed and laughed to watch red blood of scholars  and ink of precious literature of millions of books majority of them of Imam e Azam , flowing  more ferociously than stunned waters of Dijila  .

The present   5G   plasma screens of Communist ideologues glittering on   CPEC and OBOR bring in light the dark chapters of Halaqou Khan .

Today China’s blandishment   to persuade neighboring   countries for one belt one road connecting 78 countries of world is undoubtedly   emulation of Halaqou khan who connived with rivals and age old enemies  of Abassyeds empire to slaughter  people of high knowledge and learning in Bhagdad . Why Halaqou exploited trade   silk route to destroy rich Hanafi ideology of   Abbassyed  is most significant question to ponder upon in present scenario. It was umayyeds who had founded radical Islamic State of   Syria and Iraq   in 661 CE who can’t be pardoned at all for committing subsequently  Karbala Tragedy during Yazeedi rule  . Abbasyeds having direct lineage with Banu Hashimi Tribe brought Syrian and Iraq based  radical empire of Umayeeds and Marwans  down in 750 CE  and established most peaceful regime focusing on art ,literature, science , philosophy and co existence .They disdained to create armies but encouraged scholars to present ideologies to promote unity and love.Dreaded Halaqou took advantage of presence of limited number of army to defend Bagdad on 13 February1258 when  Hazrat  Muhatsim or Muhtashim RA was emperor of  Bagdad ,He was himself scholar and had  written several books on Imam E Azam which were among millions of  books thrown in Dijila to built cross over bridge.Muhatashim preferred to fight against two lakh beasts of Halaqou Khan in spite of having few thousand soldiers present at the time of Halaqou’s cowardly attack of Bhagdad.

As already discussed earlier doctrine of faithless colors   of sky followed by Chaingaiz Khan as his magic of sky  was prelude to finish faiths .These sky colors would  horrify cities of faiths and Knowledge and Halaqou adopted  same method with clandestine help of enemies of Abbasyeds to destroy Bagdad exploiting silken routs .

The  reference  of this wild beast Halaqou  even today after 8 hundred years of his miserable  death   send  currents of  chill through human  spine chords. His horrific advances on old silk road   towards   city of knowledge enriched  by   Imam e Azam Hazrat Abu Hanifa Abu Numaan  are paradigm what  Mao communists are doing in Kashgar at present .

CPEC constrains us to bring out poisonous cobra’s out of hidden holes under  preponderance of coarse rocks scattered around  silk trade route to find how faithless powers of Halaqou  succeeded  to destroy  civilizations over Civilizations .Which  order  influenced him to  capture and raze   Bagdad to ashes is obviously directly connected with Yazeed and Marwan .Bagdad  was  world’s  richest House of Wizdom during last Abbasid Calipha Hazrat Mohtashim which this warrior King  preferred to  defend till last along few thousand soldiers rather opting to  surrender.

The unholy alliance of radicals with present China regimes shall definitely   lead to un mask  collaborators who helped  Halqou Khan to burn Bagdad and eliminate humanity . The reflections of 5G plasma  screens  provide us instant visage of Halaqou overlapped by  countenances of  Mao, Czar, Lenin  and Marxists of Soviet union who all had defined goal to eliminate even traces of Khankahiyat as well as Hanfiyat .

Halqou   attacked   Abbasyed empire Muhtashim RA  which had become symbol of love by propagating peace as compared to their predecessor war lords of  Islamic State of Syria and Iraq headed by Umayyeds  and marwans .

Hazrat Imam e Azam Abu Hanifa , Nouman because of pithy Islamic knowledge from his childhood was born in Kufa ,Basra in 699 Ce . He also played significant role   when Abbasyed took over caliphate in 750 CE. His Ishiq e Rasool Akram saw provided  him spiritual aura and he frequently visited Madina to pay Obeisance at Guband Khazra .His profound love and Ishiq is obvious through his works and collections of all authentic Haddit  which helped Bagdad to become epitome of knowledge and spirituality and were miraculously saved even after destruction of millions of similar spiritual books  .

Why Halqou khan   marched through trade routes of economy after   hatching  conspiracy to invade Bagdad  is main historical point to ponder upon so that we are able to break iron walls of conspiracies surrounding mystery of CPEC at present .

Abbasyad regime which had Banu Hashmi lineage  valued high  contribution of Hazrat Abu Hanifa with full esteem .His fika associated with his name Fika Hanafi was given full esteem  during  Abbasyds empire  for its jurisprudence based on unity and he condemned Yazid as well as Marwan icons of Umyaddes in most candid way .Accordingly  Bagdad and Basra were established as houses of wisdom and such was synergy of thoughts that  being esteemed sunni  scholar of the time Hazrat  Abu Hanifa was even guided by  esteemed Shia scholar Imam  Hazrat Jaffar ul Sadiq  besides thousands of persons from whom he was able to collect most authentic haddith , narrations of Great Prophet. This unification of knowledge enriched entire calaphat   . However  the rivals forces of shia sunni unity were not happy with this glorious period which lasted for five hundred years .These rival forces connived with faithless hordes while interacting with them through silk trade .They lured Halaqou to loot treasures of Bagdad. The most precious city of that period   was  destroyed in sequel to such conspiracy . Each drop of Dajila{Tigris}  and Furaat{ Euphurats} has bled with strikes of blood soaked sword of   Halaqou who maimed more than five to seven   lakh human bodies from 13th February  1258 Ce  to 21 March 1258 Ce, even some historian estimate it one million.

The   Terror and Tyranny of   faithless   Halaqou   khan after capturing  Bagdad was unbridled like mad wild beast . It   has been described by all historians that Halaqou has shamed not only wild beasts but even Satins of Hell  . He looted all treasures   ,raped women ,enslaved and slaughtered males including young and old having  no parallel in History . In most cruel manner Halaqou assassinated noble ,Brave , Pertinacious  Great daring brave King of Bagdad Hazrat Muhtashim RA who preferred martyrdom than humiliating surrender before faithless Halaqou who connected his empire with his faithless rout at that time.

Today China Communist Maoist  Party is ushering Russia, Pakistan, North  Korea, Japan, Nepal , Buthan Burma, Eurocia and various western countries estimated as 78 countries in   labyrinthine  of OBOR by showcasing economy as silk was mesmerizing element during Hordes time but elimination of ideologies of faiths were the real goals.

The tactics which  being adopted to humiliate Ughars in concentration camps, destroy Hanafi literature ,Khankahi system in Kashgar are similar to holocaust of Bagdad.  Mao terror kidnap and kill Ughar youth in collaboration with radical ideologies same way as Halaqou adopted to capture and destroy the empire of unity  .

Such is fear of   faithless China   and their terror all around world at present that even Marwick   opinion makers of   world san candour   expression on dangers  of CPEC and OBOR .Nations are paralysed to take any initiative to handover territorial assets back to those to whom it belongs  . In absence of diaphanous   opinions on this exigent matter   each Chinese generated   digital story of Economy is being treated gospel truth rather than hoax   tick talk  mockery  . Any voice against Xin jinpeng  is being considered self suicide .In this atmosphere how one can expect that any one assail  architects  of  communist terror  leashed against  Hanafi Ughar Muslimsof Kashgar . rathe China   is being acclaimed as some  ruthless ideologies shamelessly justify Yazeed, Marwan or Halaqou because of their sick ideologies     .

Today I marked while writing this script , US president joe Biden’s Security  Advisor Jake Sullivan  said on 31st January 2021 that USA must be prepared to impose costs on China for its actions against Ughur Hanfi Muslims in Xinjiang. This is result  of deep study of Joe Biden catholic Christian who took oath on 123 years old Bible as he knows what Halaqou khan’s faithless ideology did in Bhagdad by massacring not only Muslims but Christians too. The new world order will be all respectable faiths on one side and these condemned faithless on other side  .

Halqou Khan   who scripted history of Bagdad with human   blood is not so library condemned or referred  in sermons by clergy as other savage killers of history are being quoted. This  state of mind  seems to have only one reason that Halqou brought end to that Abassyed regime of Abu Hashmi tribe which had revolted against regimes of umayeds and Marwaan’s . No one among them   laments savageness of Halaqou’s slaughtering lakhes   of people of all faiths. In contrast to true image of unity of Islamic civilizations  Wahabi oriented ideologue Dash  ISIS { Islamic state of Iraq and Syria } has presented themselves as forces of Yazeed and Halaqou khan .They  fully implemented doctrine of Halaqou while exhibiting savageness in name of obfuscate ideology . No one recalls heroic Martyrdom of   Marwick Pertinacious last calipha of Abbasid Hazrat Mohtishim having  Banu Hashmi Lineage who  was  brutally  assassinated by treacherous  faithless  Halaqou khan  .No one talks how wisdom of Bhagdad was smashed and how  Hazrat Imam Azam’s Literary treasure was thrown in river Tigris{ Digila} wich besides turning river red with human blood also painted its tides black.

No doubt CPEC is presented to world as symbol of luxury as Pakistan and China have launched a luxury bus service passing through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir from Lahore (Pakistan) to Kashgar city (China’s) in November 2018 while  ughars  and Kashmiris   are not allowed to board these Luxury buses. However what happened to Halqou khan’s grandson Zulqadar Khan Zulju or Dulcha in 1321 CE revolution of Kashmir is vivid example of all such savage ideologies. Already pointed out how  all faiths engineered burial of   faithless  Horde  terror groomed under Palmer Hills   under snowy mountains of opposite range.{ Continuing in next article on same title }

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