Woman in Jammu and Kashmir Gives Birth in Army Vehicle as Snowfall Blocks Road

In Jammu and Kashmir, a pregnant woman while on her way to the hospital gave birth in the army vehicle due to a roadblock because of heavy snowfall on Monday. The new-born and the woman were then rushed to a hospital and were admitted there.

A defence spokesperson, while talking to the media, said that a woman in Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir had to give birth in an Army ambulance while on way to a hospital due to heavy snowfall. In the early morning of February 1, an ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) worker, who is appointed by the village to interface between the village and the community, made a distress call to Kalaroos Company Commander requesting the commander for an immediate evacuation of a woman in labour pain in Narikoot to a hospital. The ASHA worker said that the ambulance was unable to reach them because of the snowfall.

Responding to the distress call, an Army vehicle accompanied by a medical team was sent to Narikoot in the Kupwara district to undergo evacuation of the woman. In the emergency situation while on the way to the hospital, the ASHA worker requested the rescue team to park the vehicle on the roadside and the patient’s condition was getting critical. And then, with assistance of the Army Medical team, the woman gave birth inside the Army vehicle. The baby’s arrival was announced by her cries inside the Gypsy which brought relief to everyone involved in the delivery process.

The mother and her baby were then rushed to Kalaroos Hospital in Kupwara District. Kalaroos Company Commander, while congratulating the family, gave them gifts and also felicitated the ASHA Worker for her quick decisiveness in odd circumstances and confidence in Army Medics.

A similar incident was reported on January 5, 2021 when a pregnant woman was carried by Army troops for a distance of 2-km in knee deep snow in North Kashmir Kupwara by the Company Operating Base (COB) Bunawadar of the Indian Army. The Army had received a distress call from the woman’s husband in Pharkian village telling them about his wife’s condition and that she had been experiencing labour pain and needed to be taken to a hospital.

Accompanied by battlefield nursing assistant, the army troops reached their home with some medical comfort items and then escorted the woman with her family to the road head for 2- kilometers. She was taken to Karalpura hospital where she gave birth to a boy.

The boy’s father had then thanked the troops by distributing sweets to the Company Operation Base.

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