JKNS/CWC conducts audit of accounts and assets of Punjab Waqf Board*

*JKNS/CWC conducts audit of accounts and assets of Punjab Waqf Board*

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi instructed Chandigarh UT Waqf Board & Punjab State Waqf Board to initiate action against the illegal occupation of Waqf land and assets and complete the digitization process of Waqf records within a year.

Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today led the Waqf Audit Panel visiting Punjab to conduct audit of accounts and assets of Chandigarh UT Waqf Board & Punjab State Waqf Board. Accompanied by CWC Member Dr Mohammad Khurshid Warsi, Dr Darakhshan today audited the property records, account-books and other assets of Chandigarh UT Waqf Board & Punjab Waqf Board at Chandigarh. She instructed the In-charge of Chandigarh UT Waqf Board Meghana Verma & Chairman of PWB Junaid Raza Khan to ensure digitization of the complete records, accounts and property-details within a year. She also instructed the Board authorities to initiate legal action against all illegal occupations of Waqf properties in Punjab. Dr Andrabi said that earlier governments used the Waqf assets and properties for their political benefits and with the help of the political power allotted huge properties and land illegally to the people who were politically connected with the ruling parties. “During the last seven years, Central Waqf Council has been fighting hard to recover the grabbed land and properties of Waqf throughout the country. Thousands of cases have been filed against those illegal occupants and grabbers who have been politically connected. At times people accuse us of vendetta but we don’t care. We want Waqf properties and assets back under the Waqf Control,” said Dr Darakhshan Andrabi. She took a dig at the opposition parties who are posing as secular on one hand but on the other have been looting the minority assets and misusing them for their political benefits. Dr Darakhshan said that she was very happy about the excellent record keeping of the Punjab Waqf Board and praised Mr Junaid Raza Khan for his dynamic and visionary efforts for the revival of Waqf in the State. Dr Andrabi later visited Sarhind Sharief Ziarat complex to take stock of management at the ground level. She also talked to the Zayreen and had a meeting with the senior citizens of the area.

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