Martial Art introduced during the Sufi Hanafi Aitqaad era in 1321 ensured the defeat of Mongols by strengthening Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist unity in Kashmir—Renzushah

Srinagar 9 February 2021  Today prestigious Conclusion of three days Championship event of Martial Art SQAY attended by Khwaja Farooq Renzushah chairman of Kashmir society International, Mr. Bilal Bhat Additional Commissioner Kashmir, Mr. Hanief Balkhi Additional Dy. Commissioner Srinagar  Mir Nazir chairman international Sqay witnessed the most prestigious Martial Art introduced during the Sufi Hanafi Aitqaad era  in 1321 ensured the defeat of Mongols by strengthening Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist unity in Kashmir-

Khwaja  Renzushah while addressing the August Gathering of intellectuals, prominent citizens, and international and national players of Sqay and sports-oriented media said that the SQAY game has both spiritual and social approvals when it is learned with the pure intention to strengthen love and unity. He said that through this Kashmir-based game under the masterly guidance of Mir Nazir, the entire country attained International honour. He said that this Kashmir-based game provides an opportunity to highly talented players of Sqay to demonstrate their metal in the most competitive fields throughout the world. He said that even the best teams of the world in SQAY need courage and skill to face Kashmir sqay teams of both girls and boys. He said that in today’s competition preponderance of Kashmiri girls in sqay entitle them as the lioness of Kashmir as young boys are lions of our Kashmir in this spiritual Martial Art games.

Khwaja Farooq Renzushah said that Kashmir is an abode of knowledge and treasure of talent. He said that Sufi Hanafi Aitqaadi scholars of Kashmir with the acumen of pithy knowledge have made Kashmir proud for the last five thousand years. Similarly our joint treasure of physical skills from times immemorial have made even Mongols to perish under snow passes of Banihal. He said the 1321 revolution in Kashmir was the unity of all faiths, Hindu, Muslims, and Buddhists who joined hands to teach a lesson to Zulcha Zulqader khan grandson of beasts like Halaqou khan and Kublai khan when Banihal pass avalanches buried dreaded Zulja  Dulcha’ along 70 thousand beast army under the snow. This became possible only because of Kashmir’s spiritual unity and synergy. Kashmiris have proved their spiritual and physical synergy for the welfare of humanity from the Time of  Laltadatiya Muktapaid, king Sultan Sader ud din &  Zain ul Abidin Budshah and the world had to yield in front of Kashmir from a knowledge and Spiritual  Skill point of view..

Renzushah was informed on the occasion by Mir Nazir that maximum Sqay championships will be organized throughout India and at International platforms so that our true talent of Kashmir is able to prove its true worth in all positive competitions.   He assured that Kashmir society international shall organise in 2021 international Martial Art championships in Kashmir so that the world comes to know about the hidden Martial art sports treasure of Kashmir. Renzushah said that since the arrival of Hazrat Bulbushah RA & Hazrat Amir Kabir RA, not only Alcohol and drugs were banned for 700 years in Kashmir to purify the moral character of people of Kashmir but Martial Art training was also imparted to people even by Awaliyas of time with spiritual content. Even in marriages both bride and bridegrooms would perform Sqay on occasions of marriage. He said our spiritual history is a witness when Hazrat Amir Kabir while having Zikir of 99 names of Allah rose high in the air several feet above the ground in Sqay gestures of alertness.  It was the spiritual synergy of love along with other faiths which co-existed without any conflict. That is a tradition of our unity which needs to be revived. It is considered a high Martial Art spiritual skill in Kashmir. He complimented Sqay and present sports Authorities for encouraging spiritual Sufi Hanafi Sqay Martial Art having seven hundred years historical origin in the valley of Rishies. He again demanded changing back communist name of Lal Chowk Red square of Stalin to it’s pre-1940 Dastageer chowk upto Sairebal Dastageer sahib Sufi Shrine.

On this occasion, Khawaja Renzushah  Chairman KSI, Mr. Bilal Bhat Additional commissioner Kashmir, Mr, Hanief  Balkhi Additional Dy.commissioner Srinagar and Mir Nazir sahib  Distributed  Trophies and Medals to Young  SQAY Martial art sportspersons. The endeavors of Mr. Waseem Ahmad Beigh  Srinagar in charge of Sqay Tournaments were highly acclaimed and praised. The efforts of Mir Nazir who made the entire Kashmir proud throughout the world were acknowledged by one and all.

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