CPI(M),Jammu Civil Society for Art and Culture pays rich tributes to the veteran Marxist leader, Comrade Krishan Dev Sethi

Jammu 11 February:-  CPI(M) and Jammu Civil Society  for Art and Culture  pays rich tributes to  the veteran  Marxist leader,Comrade  Krishan Dev Sethi.

 In a condolence meeting organized by CP(I)M and Jammu civil society which was presided by M.Y Tarigami,the participants  paid rich tributes to the departed Veteran Marxist Leader Comrade Krishan Dev Sethi After paying floral tributes, the large number  of participants  highlighted  the remarkable  role  of the late leader in  the building of Naya Kashmir after the independence in 1947.His contribution as a member of the Constituent Assembly of the J&K and one of the front rank leaders was also  recalled and appreciated .

A close associate of late Sethi Khalid Hussain who was the first speaker   read out a message by Justice Ab. Majeed of MIrpur (POK) who had been a childhood friend of  Mr. Sethi. The message while expressing sorrow on the departure of Mr. Sethi described him as a symbol of tolerance, unity and oneness of the erstwhile state of J&K. Khalid Hussain himself asserted that Krishan Dev Sethi was a true Marxist and a man of principle. He described his visit to his home town Mirpur (POK) and said  that he was given a warm welcome  there, indicating his popularity even across the LOC.

Aslam Qureshi,  Retired IAS described the late  leader  as  a rationalist whose approach to political and social  issues remained  balanced. Mir Shahid Saleem read out a revolutionary poem of  Mr. Sethi while Gullchain Singh Chadak former legislator   and president Dogra Sadder Sabha Jammu,  referred to his adoption of middle path and total truthfulness which should be followed. Jameel Kazmi the senior Advocate and another associate of the late leader praised the open mindedness objective, understanding of socio political issues and mild temperament. Well known Ghandian  SP Verma described  Mr. Sethi as an apostle of peace  and appealed the gathering  to work for peace and tranquility in  Jammu & Kashmir which is facing new challenges. The Trade union leader Omprakash  stressed upon taking forward  Krishan Dev sethi’s mission of unity and struggle.  Qasim Sajad a journalist from Kashmir described the late leader an icon of humanness with a very friendly nature. Prof  Yog Dutt highlighted late Sethi,s struggle against communalism, power chauvinism and divisive tactics  for political gains. A social activist from  Kargil Sajad Kargili  appealed the progressive  and emancipated social and political activists to defeat all those conspiracies   which are bent upon to divide people.  The retired IIS officer and broadcast journalist M.Y. Ganaie (Nairang)   stressed on taking forward the mission of late Sethi regarding unprejudiced   thinking and continuous struggle for human dignity.

 Suhail Kazmi  the well known journalist and civil society activist  narrated  some episodes and his close association with the late leader and said that he was a multi dimensional personality with logical thinking and served as a bridge between Jammu & Kashmir and that we should continue  his unfinished job.

Concluding the  proceedings of the meeting  CPI(M) leader M.Y Tarigami described himself as a disciple of the Late leader  but said that the real tribute to the departed is to carry forward  the ideas which he cherished and which are still relevant  for transforming our social and economic  surroundings  into a progressive, secular and just society; where  all the citizens, irrespective of their race,  area and belief system can live with diginity and comfort. In this respect, Tarigami   referred  to the ongoing struggle of the farmers and said that all the justice loving and progressive groups and individuals  of the country should extend full support  to this struggle . He also referred to the  dictatorial negative and unwanted  division  of J&K  and said  that  we have to struggle against  this kind of  anti democratic  measures  by the establishment . The unconstitional   breakup and down grading of the erstwhile state is not only unacceptable but is bound to prove counterproductive. It is as such imperative that the divisive agenda of the forces that be must be defeated by a united struggle. Tarigami affirmed that the constituent Assembly of which comrade Sethi was the last member had given us a constitution, the core of which was revolutionary land reforms, universal education, empowerment of woman besides decentralization of power and had also established a legal and voluntary bond between J&K and the rest of the country. As such the abolition of this bond is bound to weaken, we are afraid the very basis of the relationship.    The others who spoke on the occasion  included  Ravider Singh  Comrade  Sachdev Singh and Kusam Tikoo.

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