Chadoora R&B Contractors’ Delegation Calls On Apni Party Media Advisor Release R&B Contractors Pending Bills Immediately: Farooq Andrabi

A delegation of R&B contractors from Chadoora, Budgam on Friday called on Apni Party Media Advisor Farooq Andrabi and apprised him about the deplorable conditions faced by them due to the long pending bills with R&B Division Chadoora.

The delagates said that only few bills are released in favor of a chosen lot who enjoy nepotistic ties with some of the officials in the department, rest of the underprivileged contrators have to grapple with unethical disparities.

They pleaded that their genuine demands be taken with higher authorities so that their sufferings are mitigated.

Andrabi assured them that their genuine pleas will be raised with the concerned authorities.

“I urge the Director R&B to intervene in this matter and address the grievance of these contractors at an earliest. I strongly hope that the administration will give due consideration to their genuine demands and pave way for the immediate release of the pending bills, ” Andrabi expressed.

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