Army rescues Vehicle Stranded in Avalanche

Srinagar, Mar 26  : The Army here said that it has rescued stranded vehicle on the Chowkibal Tangdar road near Sadana pass.
The army said “On 25 Mar 2020, a tractor was stuck on the Chowkibal Tangdhar road near Sadhna pass in an Avalanche prone area. Army in Tangdhar promptly responded to the mishap and despatched its team for a recovery operation to get the tractor out of the avalanche run out zone”.
They further said that the road this year has experienced over two dozen avalanches of very heavy magnitude and numerous avalanches of milder scale in spite of which the Army has maintained a healthy state of motorability on the road.
“This road is the sole feeder axis that supports over 80,000 civilians of Karnah Tehsil residing in Tangdhar Bowl. The tractor driver was brought to the safety of the Army Camp and provided first aid and is stable”. 

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