Historic Mughal road is in dilapidated condition

Authorities are in deep slumber

8JULY 2020

Historic Mughal road is in dilapidated condition on Poonch side from Peer ki Gali. Every year Crores of rupees are utilised for the betterment of this road, but the ground situation is never improves. It looks, that this road has become money minting machine for the authorities. One can very well imagine that how much authorities are concerned about this road, by looking at the drainange system of this road.
The condition of road from Chatta Pani to Peer ki Gali is worse, anytime any major accident can happen. Moreover, road has become narrow and single from, Peer ki Gali to Chatta pani which causes Jam, and due slide prone zone and stoning it puts lives of commuters at risk. But authorities are paying no heed to this.
They are concerned about other things. Locals, alleged that despite many requests and complaints, authorities never bothered to look into this matter.
And during upcoming fruit season situation will further worsen. There will be huge traffic Jam on Poonch side of Peer ki Gali due to narrow and worse condition of the road. One can very well imagine the callousness and non seriousness of the concerned authorities, through the way blacktopping is done during rainy season.
It looks that the concerned officers visit this road just for picnic purposes and for enjoying wazwans only, they never bothered for the betterment of the condition the said road. Locals appealed Hon’ble LG Manoj Sinha to personally intervene in this matter and send an audit team to check all the misdoings and misuse of funds by concerned authorities.

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