Today president Jammu Kashmir pahari revolutionary movement Advocate Raja mehmood Khan held a press conference regarding the proposal of giving political reservation to St category.

He said that He is not against the giving of political reservation to St but it should not be given at the cost of pahari people.As pahari people constitute a considerable part of population in the constituencies which are sposed to be reserved for St category.
He said that the reservation should be given on the basis of one constituency in each dirstict on rotational basis taking into consideration the persontage of St population in each constituency of the district.
He further said that the long pending demand of pahari people of declaring them as scheduled tribe should also be Full filled by the central government , after that giving of political reservation to Pahari people should also be considered. He said that pahrii people would launch a nation wide movement against this political discrimination.

Repoter -rahi vijay Sharma

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