Humanitarian Assistance to Local Population on Cloudburst at Watlar, Ganderbal

A cloudburst hit Watlar area of Lar in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district in wee hours on 12 Jul 21, triggering flash floods, which caused damage to several residential houses and many inner roads in the area.

The flash floods triggered by a cloudburst lashed several residential houses and roads in Watlar village, causing significant damage.

Army Camp Qasbalar and local administration immediately pressed into service to restore road connectivity to the area and assisted locals residence in reducing their losses. There was no report of any loss of life in the incident. Due to the cloudburst flow of water increased in Charnari Nallah, which caused damage to nearby residential area.

The prompt and swift action by the party of Army and the locals prevented any serious damage. The local authorities and Villagers were grateful for the timely assistance rendered by the Army.

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