State Spokesperson REK association JK UT Pervaiz Malik Afridi urges LT . Governor Manoj Sinha to get their issue resolved.


Pervaiz Malik Afridi while talking to the media said that their appointment as REK teacher is a kind of joke because after working day and night ,keeping youths busy in grounds ,worked enthusiastically during pandemic but govt.is giving them 100 rupees a day.
He said that all the apppointees are scholar ,some has done Phd and Mphill but they have been made slaves for nothing.
Even a labour gets 600 rupees for working 6 7 hours ,there is minimum wages act in many states still this REK forum is being treated differently.
Afridi said that we approached every office on divisional level and All the LG’s but our greivences are still pending ,they have not been redressed till now.

He added that we are getting frustrated day by day ,our parents, family members and kids are effected due to this
Injustice,we after working hard to improve sports culture and infrastructure in our areas have no time for our children and not even we could meet our daily needs.Our condition is worst then a begger.

We have faith on your goodself(Shri Manoj Sinha) and we are witnessing every move of yours ,we appreciate the decisions you took and are taking for the betterment and development of UT JK,now we too are humbly requesting you to look into our matter and fulfill our demands we deserve.

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