Resuscitation of Infra of Khwaja Las Sahab Peer Baba at Lokut Bangus

15 July 2021

1. Khwaja Las Sahab Peer Baba at Lokut Bangus is a religious place, where all local Gujjar, Bakarwal and Paharis offer prayers on every Thursday. Due to bad state of infrastructure at Peer Baba, locals requested Lokut Bangus Army for construction of overhead shed and resuscitation of overall structure.

2. Taking the lead, Army provided the construction material and engineering work where locals came forward to contribute in terms of ferrying of material and Labourers. The construction work was started on 01 July 2021. The work included construction of overhead shed, provision of hard plinth area with and side tin sheet walls.

3. On the auspicious day of 15 July 2021 being Thursday, the inauguration of Peer Baba alongwith offering of chaadar was carriedout. A str of 97 adults and 43 children offered prayer and were also present during the inauguration.

4. The local community of Nomads expressed their gratitude to Fauz for uplifting the infrastructure of Peer Baba. Similarly, in another initiative Army has started the laying of water pipelines and constr of water tanks in the Baihks of Bangus Valley for provisi inon of water supply to local people. Such activities keep strengthening the existing bond with the local people.

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