Srinagar School virtually turns into a sheep farm: Courtesy Watchman

Srinagar, July 17: Government Girls Higher Secondary School Nowhatta located in Makhdoom Sahab area of Srinagar city has virtually been turned into a sheep farm.

    Enter the green premises of the school and you will find scores of sheep grazing in the lawns of the institute.

    A group of concerned citizens while speaking to news agency Kashmir News Trust allege that Watchman of the school has taken full advantage of Covid-19 turning the school into a pasture land.

   “This is simply selfishness. We have no grudge against him but the fact is that ever since government allotted him a residential quarter in the Institute, it was destined to doom. You can see under garments being drying up in open without any respect for the girl students and female staff of the institute”.

   They said the said Watchmen virtually runs the affairs of the school. “It is no longer a school but a fiefdom of the Watchman who utilize every inch of the school for his interest. You can see sheep, gunny bags, filthy stuff lying inside the school,” they said.

    “It is unfortunate that school affairs are being run by a peon. It is he who rules the roost. See the condition of basketball court. It is being used for drying vegetables. It is sorry state of affairs. The School Education Department is in slumber and does nothing despite taking up the issue with it repeatedly,” the locals told KNT.

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