BJP JK spokesman congratulates police for cracking Kashmirfight word press.com terror machinery case

Says surprised to see Sofi Muhammad Akbar like people being part of terror group; urges police to investigate case on priority, expose those who are part of terror group still; recent arrests seem tip of ice-berg
Srinagar, July 20: Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) JK spokesman Altaf Thakur congratulating the J&K police for cracking the case—Kashmirfightwordpress.com, a group involved in harassing, threatening and killing political leaders, government employees and employees stating that the case need to be probed further to expose those who are still part of it.
In a brief statement, Thakur said that it was shocking to know that a senior government employee Sofi Muhammad Akbar, along with his children, were running the blog to intimidate and harass the government employees and journalists and they were also planning murder of journalists like Shujaat Bukhari, advocate Babar Qadri and business man Nischal. Thakur said that the group involved in the blog were acting as lawyers and judiciary themselves like those who were on killing spree in early 90’s.  The BJP spokesman urged police to get to the bottom of the case as there are many others who could be part of the group and are still issuing threats to the journalists and political leaders besides government employees.
He said police did an excellent job by cracking the case but the arrest of government employee his children and his aides seems to be just a tip of ice-berg and that the police must work hard to expose those who are part of the blog still. Thakur said that serious life threats issued by those handling the blog has made the lives of journalists, political leaders and government employees a living hell. He said there are still some people who are handling this intimidating blog as reports of fresh threats are still pouring in from this blog and it is the utmost duty of police to expose those who are still hiding. Thakur said those arrested should be interrogated so that they spill the beans. He said that on one  hand, Sofi Muhammad Akbar was holding the post of Secretary SMC and enjoying all government perks and on the other hand, he was part of the terror machinery issuing threats to gullible and innocent journalists and government employees, who are carrying out their professional work in a transparent manner. Thakur said that police should prioritize the case and arrest all those who are still part of this terror machinery.

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