To Boost the sports Culture in the Valley and engage the youth of kashmir in the field of sports, Bungas Premier League an Annual Cricket Tournament being organised by LOKUT BUNGAS COB.

On the third day of the tournament, as a part of Semifinal stage, two matches were played. First match was played between Wadipura Vs Shetigam B Batting first Shetigam B scored 72 Runs in 15 overs. In return Wadipura team chased the score in 14.4 overs. Wadipura won the match by 01 wicket.

The second match was played between Shetigam A Vs Chowkibal B. Shetigam A team scored 104 runs in 15 overs. In return Chowkibal B kept on losing wickets at regular intervals and were all out for 55 Runs. Shetigam A won the match by 49 Runs. With the culmination of the Semifinal matches. Tomorrow final match will be held between Shetigam A Vs Wadipura.

The tournament promotes a competitive spirit amongst cricketers and provides a platform for talented cricketers to play at the much higher professional level.


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