Junior Pharmacist rules the roost at GB Panth Hospital

Srinagar, July 26:  Against the rules, a Junior Pharmacist at GB Panth Children Hospital here in Srinagar city has been given multiple charges.

   Insiders told news agency Kashmir News Trust that a Junior Pharmacist from Bhadarwah area of Jammu has been handed over all the authority, much against the wishes of other employees.

   They said they fail to understand and the reason behind this logic.

   “This Junior Pharmacist manages the affairs of drug store, general store and even has been made the in charge of purchase section. He even performs clerical job and have liaison with different drug suppliers,” the insiders said.

   They said this junior store-keeper is ruling the roost while authorities have no control over him.

  Medical Superintendent Dr Nazir Chowdary said that due to lack of manpower some additional responsibilities have been handed over to this Pharmacist.

   “It is not a big issue,” Dr Chowdary said. (KNT)

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