Locals demand closure of wine shop in Dalgate

Srinagar, July 28, KNT: Locals from Dalgate and area of Srinagar city have demanded closure of all liquor shop on the tourist hub Boulevard Road.

  The locals said that set up a new wine shop will be nuisance for the general public.

   “It is in the interest of local people to get this wine shop closed and don’t allow it to function,” the locals said. 

  They said Government wants to make the abode of saints a liquor hub by granting licenses for sale of liquor.

The locals appealed to the government to think about the future of Kashmir and Kashmiri people.”

  “You are claiming to wage a war against drugs but are allowing liquor shops to function normally,” locals of Dalgate said.

  They said drunkards create scenes on daily basis, making the movement of our womenfolk difficult.

  “Please stop this liquor trade. Liquor and drugs have destroyed the lives of Kashmiri youth.”

  The locals said that it is the responsibility of the government to close liquor business in Kashmir,” they said.

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