Coaching centers continue  physical classes in Rajouri

Jammu: In a brazen violation of the official  guidelines regarding Covid, the coaching centers in Rajouri are running their business causing threats to the lives of the students and people in general. Pertinently, the administration, in view of the raging pandemic has ordered the closure of the coaching centers across the UT. The orders are followed in every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir, except in Rajouri.

“At a time when the number of new cases of active Covid cases is rising day in and day out, these coaching centers have been a great threat to the people in this region. Hundreds of students attend calluses in these centers without taking any Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) measures. I fear the pandemic might spread here at large scale any time.” Said Ayaz Hammed, a social activist in Rajouri.

Pertinently, the government has in its orders has clearly said that the coaching centers should be closed down, however, the administration has completely failed to ensure these orders are acted upon.” Said a businessman. He added, “No precautionary measures are taken in these centers. And not even social distance is being maintained here.”

People have appealed to the higher-ups to ensure implementation of the government orders to closure of these coaching centers, so that looming threat of the spread of the virus is addressed.

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