Why people of Nowgam Sonawari are being forced to hit the roads to press for their genuine demands ? Karar Hashmi

Srinagar, Sep 29: The Socio-Political Activist Agha Syed Karar Hashmi lamented over water scarcity in Nowgam Bandipora , added that the Inhabitants of Nowgam Sonawari have suffered a lot in absence of potable water supply and particularly women folk have to travel long distances to fetch water for drinking and other purpose.

In a message Hashmi lashed over so called leaders in making criminal silence on such an important issue related with day to day lives on an individual. Appealed for peace and unity across and at the same time suggested people to be habitual to redress your problems yourself in a cordial manner with administration or any other. Don’t give too weight age to those leaders who are still mum on such basic and genuine issues.

“While intracted with young activists of Nowgam through Social media networking sites told that people have no option other than to launch a massive agitation against district administration , if they fail to redress the issue at earliest.” Karar Hashmi added

Hashmi further said that Kashmir is neither a desert nor lacks the natural resources yet the official inefficiency makes it look like one. Very heart rendring that administration has failed to provided the basic facilities to the people of North Kashmir Nowgam Sonawari. Seems they have left people on God’s mercy.

Agha Hashmi requested Lt.Governor and district administration to look into the matter at earliest before things will take shape from bad to worse.

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