Srinagar, 29 Sep 2021. Lt Gen DP Pandey, GOC Chinar Corps
congratulated the Gunners on the occasion of 195th Gunners Day on 28
Sept 2021. Speaking to the Gunners in a small yet solemn ceremony,
he appreciated the role of Artillery in operations. He made a mention that
the Artillery has been a major battle winning arm and its importance
continues in modern day warfare. The Regiment of Artillery celebrates
Gunners Day on 28 September every year. The occasion marks the
historical event of rising of the Five (Bombay) Mountain Battery on the
same day in 1827, which presently forms part of 57 Field Regiment.
Artillery has grown in strength and capability with each passing
year. The Regiment is proud of a glorious past replete with rich traditions
and gallant achievements. Regiment of Artillery has been part of all the
wars that India has fought since independence and the Gunners have
proved their mettle by their professional acumen and dedication. It has
acquitted itself as a major battle winning factor in every occasion,
whenever, the integrity of the nation has been threatened. On this
occasion, the Gunners pledge to achieve further higher standards of
excellence, continue to contribute towards peace and stability in the
region and rededicate themselves to uphold the ethos and spirit
enshrined in the motto of Regt of Arty, ‘Sarvatra Izzat-O-Iqbal’ –
‘Everywhere with honour and glory’.

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