Army rescues two tourists after gasping for breath on trekking expedition

Srinagar, Oct 02: On 30th September at 2 p.m, a 46 year old lady from Gurgaon was trekking the seven lakes from Sonmarg when she complained of breathlessness at Satsar.

The trek conducting group, Holiday Moods immediately contacted the Assam Rifles troops deployed at Satsar and requested them for medical assistance.

Talking with the news agency an army official said that on being examined by the medical representative it was found that the lady’s SPO2 had dropped down to below 60.

“The lady was immediately administered first aid while the troops contacted their base at Wusan HQ who contacted Pawan Hans and arranged for a helicopter to evacuate the lady,” an official said.

“Due to the timely assistance provided by the Assam Rifles troops, the life of the lady was saved,” an official said.

In another similar incident, on 01 October another lady, Simmi Jain, 53, from Gurgaon, who was part of the same trekking group as the former evacuee, also reported breathlessness and fatigue.

On being examined it was found out that her SPO2 levels had dropped to 52 while her BP was 100/60.

“This lady was immediately provided oxygen and shelter by the Assam Rifles troops at Satsar. Next morning, the lady was evacuated by the troops on foot as the inclement did not permit helicopter evacuation,” an official said.

“The lady was brought down till Trunkhal where she was sheltered and provided all necessities. On the morning of 02 October, the troops further evacuated the lady till Naranagh, where she was received by medical representatives of Wussan Battalion HQ,” an official said.

“The lady was immediately provided further medical attention and her vitals were monitored,” an official said.

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