National Urdu Council to promote skill education in Urdu language:

Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed

New Delhi, Oct 4 (UNI) The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language has made significant progress in promoting various skill and skill based education in Urdu under which the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has taken up Urdu translation of their textbooks in the language and their subsequent distribution in Urdu speaking areas.

This was stated by Sheikh Aqeel Ahmed, Director, National Council of Urdu after a meeting with Dr. Basavjit Saha, Director, Training and Skill Education, CBSE and Deputy Secretary Shomi Sarkar.

He said that it was decided in the meeting that a written memorandum would be prepared between the council and CBSE and further action would be taken in this regard. He said that the council’s aim is to provide skill education to Urdu students and to equip them with all round skills so that they can face the challenges easily and they have more options once they get into the practical world.

He said that books related to skill education published by CBSE through National Council of Urdu would be translated into Urdu in phases and arrangements would be made to reach other Urdu dominated areas apart from India.

Sheikh Aqeel said that the present era is the era of scientific and practical competition which requires dedication and expertise in more than one academic and practical field to achieve success, “for this purpose we have made this progress and it is certainly Will pave the way for the professional. Development and certification of Urdu students.”

It is worth noting that taking a practical step in this direction, Shahnawaz Mohammad Khurram, Research Officer, National Council of Urdu has prepared Urdu translation of CBSE’s workbook for the six-month paper mesh course being started in Jammu and Kashmir. The council will also make special arrangements for training and skill education throughout the country.

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