The culture of Kashmir is a blend of multiple customs which came from Northern region of India, northern Pakistan and the Chinese territory of Aksai Chin. The erstwhile state enjoys the presence of diverse religion and that’s the reason why Kashmir is famous for its culture heritage which amalgamates Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist people who make Kashmir more beautiful and their diverse culture has brought many changes in the living styles. There are many cultures in our Kashmir each and every culture is praised by Kashmiri people and non-locals as well. The dining culture which is known as Kashmiri ‘Wazwan’ is the hot topic that everyone wants to talk about. This Wazwan came into Kashmir from Central Asian and Persian culture. The Valley of Kashmir which is so called the Paradise on Earth is primarily surrounded by sky kissing and snow clad mountains, deep green forests, and pristine waterfalls which makes the people of all walks of life to fall in love with this place.

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