Finding the Right Direction of Progress.

Javed Qureshi

The people of Jammu & Kashmir have finally reached a point from where the road ahead will only lead to peace, prosperity and growth. The Tiranga flying at Dal lake symbolizes peace and prosperity. Today let’s find out what has led to a steady turnaround in the valley, let’s begin by addressing the root cause of the problem. Numbers suggest that the terror incidents in Jammu & Kashmir had fallen by 59% in 2020 alone, just a year since the abrogation of article 370. Speaking of statistics,13 months before 5th August 2019 i.e prior to the abrogation of article 370 terror incidents stood at staggering 443 incidents. A year later the recorded incidents dropped significantly and stood at 206 incidents. Stone pelting which was usual phenomenon, a friday sport for the public, declined by 97% which was a welcome change. To enable this the highest ever budget was allocated by the central govt, a whooping Rs 108621 crores for the fiscal year 2021 – 22 which in itself is 35% higher than the last year’s budget. Under Prime Minister care fund 54 projects worth over Rs 56000 crores were also approved. Ever since the abrogation of article 370, 20 projects have been completed till June 2021. The expenditure in Prime Minister Development Package (PMDP) saw a significant increase in last 2 years. This was just under PMDP, if we were to speak of other infra projects then it would be another essay in itself.

Besides the improvement in security situations, it has given impetus to building of broader roads. The Ram Setu flyover, The Qazikund – Banihal tunnel, Jhelum flood mitigation projects have also been completed. AIIMS Jammu is under construction, over 1100 projects have been completed in nearly 1.5 years. Long pending projects have also been completed ahead of time. The valley has been boosted by Udhamsingh Nagar – Baramulla railway link in Kashmir. World’s highest railway bridge on Chenab by the construction of elevated corridors, infrastructure has grown multifold which is remarkable in itself. Under the centre’s Saubhagya scheme J&K achieved 100% household electrification before the target date covering over 3 lakh beneficiaries. Under Ujjawal Ayojana over 12 lakhs eligible beneficiaries have been covered so far. In addition to the series of developments there is also an attempt to bring back displaced Hindus in to the Union Territory. The relation between the two religions is gradually turning cordial by the passing time.

The PMs package for Kashmiri migrant youth have worked wonders that includes providing jobs to Kashmiris migrants. Records suggests over 3800 migrant candidates have returned to Kashmir in last few years to take up the PMs package jobs and post abrogation of article 370 as many as 520 migrant returned to Kashmir to take up the rehabilitation package. Given the Kashmiri Pandits who were at the fore front of bearing the brunt of terrorism in Kashmir. The people have understood that it is the radicals who are trying to incite disharmony and mistrust between the two communities, however this particular section of the society is limited in number and is slowly diminishing thanks to due to this progressive approach. The conducive environment for return and respectable living has been of utmost importance under the Modi govt. To enable this the transfer of lands in 5 districts for the construction of 2744 flats for displaced Kashmiri Pandits employees in the valley under PMs development package 2015 have been included. Moreover Rs 13000 per months is being given to the families of 44000 Kashmiri Pandits who have relief cards approved by the center. It was beyond imagination how this complex problem would be solved.

In the last 2 years ever since the abrogation of article 370 a humane approach clubbed with vision to free the valley from the crooks who not only fill their coffers with govt funds meant for people preferred stones in the hands of children over books , armed youth with pessimism that only benefitted themselves. The change has been quite visible with stakeholders realizing the need for peace. Even the foreign envoys comprising of 15 members who visited the state confirmed that the state of normalcy has returned to the UT. Impetus has also been given to the business community, students, journalist, doctors etc. Online classes for the children and students during the course of nationwide lockdown is a living proof to it. Along with the development in all spheres the tourism has also flourished which is very evident from the number of tourist that visit Srinagar on daily basis. Conduct of DDC election is yet another milestone in the list of development in the valley, increase in the accountability, transparency, encouraged e – governance, and implementation of strict audits to ensure corruption Free State is yet another measure.

The UT has undergone turmoil over the years due to nefarious design of the deep rooted tactics of Pakistan. The local awam has been influenced towards fulfilling’s their desired aim. However things are improving through sustained and concerted efforts by the govt machinery at all levels. The PM has repeatedly emphasized the need for Atmanirbhar Kashmir that can become the part of Indias growth story. There are evident and visible changes in not only in the attitude of awam but also the process which is working towards national integration. Implementation of grassroots democracy, enhanced happiness quotient of the awam are indicators of the fact that things are going in the right direction. The songs on Sikara and aroma of saffron filled in the air draws the tourist. The youth daring to dream and turning to realities. It is all happening each day. Two years after the abrogation, the region is now on right track.

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