Apple selling this polishing cloth at Rs 1900 triggers hilarious reactions

“Can’t afford it” has been the reaction to most of the people who come across Apple products since they are priced so high that not all can own one. The company has just upped the ante, surely in its prices category, when it released its new Macbook Pro earlier this week, a laptop that starts at nearly Rs 2 lakh.

But it is the other Apple product that has become a subject of ridicule for netizens: a special polishing cloth for its products that Apple is selling at $20 (Rs 1900). As per Apple, the cloth can be used to clean any Apple display “including nano-texture glass” safely and effectively.

The ridiculously high price however has triggered a lot of reactions on social media.

Many users commented how the price was “a joke” while many came up with funny memes regarding the product.

The users even laughed about Apple putting up a list of compatible devices for the cloth. Adding insult to injury, you can buy the cloth on EMI too.

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