Adam Boulton: Sky News veteran to leave station after 32 years

Longstanding Sky News anchor Adam Boulton has announced he is to leave the station at the end of the year.

The veteran broadcaster, 62, joined the channel as political editor for its launch in 1989 and has served as editor-at-large since 2014.

Boulton told The Times his departure was a “mutual decision” as the channel develops for “the next generation”.

Head of Sky News John Ryley called Boulton a “significant figure” in British broadcasting.

Boulton revealed that an August article by Ryley for Press Gazette, in which he wrote that the age of the “all-powerful anchor” was coming to an end, had influenced his decision to step back.

“I’ve just got to accept to a certain point that you and I, we’re tail-end baby boomers, and there’s a kind of move against the baby boomers, and the fact that we’ve had less time at the peak is just the way it goes,” he told The Times.

“It’s a big change for me, but I’m still young and healthy.”

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