Untimely power cuts and erratic power supply matter of concern; Mohammad Amin Shah

‘ Attention required by administration to ensure hassle-free and uninterrupted electric supply in winters’

Ganderbal, November 13: Social activist and politician Mohammad Amin Shah expressed concern over intermittent power supply across Kashmir Division especially district Ganderbal, and we are experiencing the same from decades on the commencement of winters and people have to wrestle with the erratic power supply.

Shah in a statement said that it is extremely excruciating for the people with morning and evening schedules, the time when electricity clampdowns normally happen in district Ganderbal during winters and people have to struggle even dining times in absence of electricity. Such power cuts are no surprise to the people here and these issues are there in District Ganderbal from decades and every government failed to resolve or prioritising it for the convenience of the people. People have everytime demanded this issue to be prioritised but there has been only disappointment because of government failure.

Shah demanded that the government need to put end to this decades old unresolved power issues and prioritise it for the convenience of people and ensure the uninterrupted and hassle-free power supply during winter season across district Ganderbal.

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