Srinagar, 21 Nov 21. A two week long Aarogya Sevak and Sevika training
concluded today at Kamkari Village near the Line of Control in Macchal Sector of
Kupwara District. During this training local villagers were trained in all possible
medical emergencies, use of medical equipments and use of CPR as a life saving
mechanism. This training is an endeavour on part of the Indian Army to skill equip
selected villagers in providing first aid and basic medical treatment to the villagers.
Kamkari village over the last couple of years has witnessed numerous medical
projects undertaken by the Army unit including awareness camps, distribution of
medical equipments to persons trained to handle medical emergencies, regular
medical check up camps and regular visits by Indian Army doctor to all villagers.
During the event the Medical Officer of the local army unit also briefed the children
on the importance of first aid, precautions to be taken from common ailments and
cold related injuries and also on the use of common medicines to treat it. The
enthusiastic response of the children motivates the Indian Army to continuously
come up with innovative projects for the benefit of the locals.

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