24 NOV 2021

In order to express gratitude towards the porter community of Gurez after a tough, gruelling and successful stocking season, a Badakhana cum break off party was organised by the Indian Army today in Dawar, Gurez.

The event showcased various cultural music and dance performances by the porters in their traditional Shina Language and was attended by the porters and mates of the Battalion. Sumptous snacks and juice apart from a lavish lunch was prepared and served by the Army personnels to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Porters of Gurez.

Gurez valley being cut of from the rest of the world for 5-6 months in a year due to harsh winters and heavy snowfall, witnesses a profound inter dependence between the Army and the locals. Where the unemployed youth of the valley is provided employment by the Army as porters who stock their rations and essential items on rugged and unattainable forward posts facing all vagaries of the harsh weather and terrain further consolidating and reaffirming the pro India and pro Army sentiments of the people of Gurez.

The event was a testimony to the deep rooted bond between the Gurezis and the Indian Army and proliferated a message of achieving peace and progress together in the valley, hand in hand.

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