AR Bhat

The desire to annex Jammu and Kashmir from Union of Indian, has been Pakistan’s obsession since its birth in 1947. A nation carved out from one of the oldest civilization on the religious line, attempted to revive its own identity in the new Islamic order. However, a pawn in the great game of economic powers, over estimated its capabilities and started a dangerous game of institutionalization of terrorism factories supported by government machinery and radicalized elements of the society. The “Kashmiriyat” known for its simplicity and vibrant culture was the first victim of this dangerous concussion of religion mixed with state’s desire. In the name of religion, the innocent generation of Kashmir was brainwashed & coerced to pick up weapons. A new breed of white collar sympathizers mushroomed in every street, giving terrorism a cosmopolitan look. These hybrid terrorists not only manipulated the system but also changed the entire narrative of false nationalism based on religious hegemony. These homegrown new breed of white collar sympathizers soon understood the importance of abetting this terrorism, in order to gain money, power & assured position without any struggle. This minuscule portion of society created a chain of over ground workers (OGW) in the entire Valley to support these misguided youth by providing them base for their anti-national activities. The society at large remained ignorant and couldn’t decode this business of terrorism. The uninterrupted flow of easy money in the system was continuously attracting misguided youths on a path of self-destruction. This vicious cycle with strong bond of OGW and white collar terrorists, remained out of sight from the relentless counter-terrorism ground operations in the Valley.

A question each and every Kashmiri must ask from these so-called pioneers of “AZADI” as “How many lives they have lost in last 5 Decades?” “Why the suffering is restricted to poor villagers and middle class youth?” I am sure, no one can answer to these questions. The simple reason is every white collar terrorists draw out of proportion dividends by fueling the sentiments of the people and funding the terrorism. The real perpetrators of this war are the “White Collar” terrorists, who remain anonymous in the eyes of the society but act as directors of this war. The misguided youth and their families suffer the maximum, whereas so called white collar terrorists enjoys the privileges and perks in all possible manners. Their families study in best of the schools & across the Globe without any fear or favor. They set the narrative as per their handlers based in Pakistan and order of the day. They handle their over ground workers (OGW) who are nothing but lower grade paid informants of the militants. The flow of money from our neighbor finds new ways through either “Hawala” or as latest as “Narco-terrorism”, but this supply chain remains uninterrupted despite any “Lockdown” or “Bandh” organized by Separatist. The nexus of OGW & white collar terrorists is the real enemy & backbone of this business. They would find ways and means to exploit the plight of society by portraying religion, region or any other gimmick.

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