Transgressing nature leads destruction 

Er. Adil Hussain Rather

He raised the heavens and imposed the balance ,you must not transgress within the balance.THERE IS NOT EVEN A SINGLE  PERSON IN THIS WORLD, WHO HAS NOT COMMITTED ANY MISTAKE IN THE PAST. EVERY MAN COMMITS MISTAKE IN HIS LIFE TIME.BUT THE REAL MAN IS ONE, WHO LEARNS FROM HIS MISTAKES AND PROMISES NOT TO REPEAT THE SAME  IN FUTURE .TO ERR IS HUMAN. TO ACCEPT IS GREAT AND, TO PROMISE NOT TO REPEAT THE MISTAKE IS GREATER. BUT TO FORGIVE IS THE GREATEST AND DIVINE . Mistakes do happen to humans, but what would you say about a mistake that took millions of lives?  Today we are  calling out to you with such a fact and the horrific consequences that have shocked the whole world.  The mistake / incident that taught us, What ever exists in this world has its own significance.  Let’s look at this and increase our faith by knowing such a mistake.  If we look at the map of the world, China, a country that is ranked  first  in terms of population, is associated with inventions and modern technology  .  China is called the mother of robotics and advanced techniques on global levels.  But this mistake, which it made, led to famine and major loss. In 1958, Chinese President MAO Zedong decided to compete  China with the United States and Europe into a powerful and developed country.  So he and his officials thought that China would become as powerful as America and Europe in coming era.  Mao Zedong is also known as the Chinese Revolutionary President and it is natural law that mistakes are made by everyone and therefore he too made a big mistake by leading take China in a competition merly based on emotions against America and Europe .  He introduced a campaign called the Four Pest Campaign in 1958, one of the first operations to make a great leap in China.
But they  did not know it , how dangerous it would be  and what situations it would create  in the country . Mao’s thought that it would give Chinese people good standard of living and secure future .He enforced  the Great Leap Forward in an effort to catch up with the economy of the Western world, he was responsible for overseeing “one of the worst catastrophes the world has ever known” . they started  cultivation of  land for better production and yield . simultaneously they campaigned against four pests to be eliminated  the pests responsible for the transmission of disease: the mosquitos responsible for malaria; the rodents that spread the plague; the pervasive airborne flies and  specifically the sparrow  which ate grain seed and fruit. Eradication of four pests resulted in great famine in China by which thousands of  lives died. According  Mao thought one sparrow eats 5 kgs of grains per year , which can be used by other nations in return China will catch-up the western economy. At dawn one day , the slaughter of the sparrows began, continuing a campaign that had been going on in the countryside for months. The government also declared that “birds are public animals of capital”. According to some eyewitnesses, citizens  bang pots and pans so that sparrows would not have the chance to rest on tree branches and would fall dead from the sky. Sparrow nests were also destroyed, eggs were broken, and chicks were killed. In addition to these tactics, citizens also resorted to simply shooting the birds down from the sky. These mass attacks depleted the sparrow population, pushing it to near extinction. Furthermore, contests were held among enterprises, government agencies, and schools in cleanliness. Non material rewards were given to those who handed in the largest number of rat tails, dead flies and mosquitoes, or dead sparrows. The degradation in the system of power that was created by the destined man with his own hands, It took a long time to recover. This famine was called worst China famine the horrors of this terrible famine are listed in the history books .Mao zadeng’s mistake made havoc in China,  Thinking of which the human soul trembles. The devastation of this period can be understood by imagining the persecution of those who are starving. A Chinese news reporter described the famine in his book. He was born in China in 1940, because he saw it by his own eyes. In his book, he wrote that man can never understand the principles of nature. That is why his words are still remembered today and the mistake that Mao made in China’s famine is not a mistake to count as one of the worst human errors in history. It was a mistake that took the lives of hundreds of millions of innocent people . the catastrophe of China is a lesson for the whole world and And you, too, will never try to interfere with the works of nature . There is an old saying that if you do not learn from your past, your past can repeat itself . So it shows us how dangerous the effects of disrupting the works of nature can be, so we must leave the works of nature in the first place.  As stated in the Qur’an, whatever is in the world has its own importance and purpose .

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