Thursday, December 8


Any individual, when educated has the capability and the sense to do right and a sensible things rather than something wrong. It’s an important aspect which help one to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Our children address the education system, with mugging and memorizing answers rather than understanding the concepts. In no way will this help in imparting any valuable knowledge to the children. It only helps one to clear their examination and secure a degree. According to the Survey done by National Static Office (NSO), only 8.4% and 2.8% of boys & girls get their graduation degree in Kashmir in one year.


Education not just provides us knowledge but provides a clearer perspective of life itself. It creates an ideology in the student’s personality and his own point of view, it’s about the lessons of life rather than just bookish knowledge. Yet, it has not been given the due importance in the valley in the past. A major reason for the same could be the consistent promotion of terrorism and fighting by Pakistan and unpredictability of shut down and curfews which prevent children from going to school or college.


Before the abrogation of article 370, Jammu & Kashmir saw a lot of unrest and violence. The citizens had to go through lot of mental harassment and exploitation due to widespread and rampant corruption with militancy. Terrorism in the valley has always resulted in complete lockdown and communications blockades imposed on the Valley, for safety of student’s schools remain closed and hence the yearly attendance experience has always been very low as the parents are fearful to send their children to school due to the unrest created in the valley.


Such events have lead to a discontinuous flow of education, the students lose interest and have an incomplete student life. They rarely get to complete their courses on time which later results in unemployment due to lack of education, knowledge and grooming in life skills. This has further lead to children remaining idle but fit to contribute to society and not having any purpose in life to keep them engaged. As per statistics there has been very high rate of drug addiction of children in the age group of 13 to 25 years age. The people who are responsible for this chaos and violence further exploit these children and lure the students to participate in rallies and throw stones at the police and military, burn hospitals and other government properties. These children are brain washed to suit the requirements of the perpetrators and pay the children with hawala money as a means to attract younger generation.


To overcome these liabilities the Central and state government agencies have adopted a coordinated approach with some concrete steps, for instance DSEK aka Directorate of School Education Kashmir has come up with a scheme “Aawo Padhain” which means “Come!! Let’s Study”. It is an online portal that is filled with abundant high-quality content of video-based-classes, and a free help-line numbers that provide all kinds of child specific aid and assistance to children as deemed necessary. The National Educational Policy 2020 is a crucial step taken in the direction to make certain that education for the coming generations is primarily focused on children of UTs of Jammu and Kashmir.


A good teacher makes a great citizen by motivating kids with knowledge. In the primary stages of life if a child is given good education and guidance, the kids will get the opportunity to gain an all-round development of mind, body and soul and become capable to uphold not only the family name but also the state and the nation. Education is the best tool for development, the citizens must exploit this great tool for the betterment of Kashmir as well as Kashmiri people.


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