Tuesday, September 27

Indian Army  : Winning  Hearts in Kashmir

Pakistan wants to create violence, disturbance through Kashmiri people by means of misinterpretation of religion. Their interests are to keep the pot boiling. Since last thirty years they have nothing to say infront of kashmiri people but to expect defeat which they are facing today in kashmir. They can’t hide their worest position in kashmir, as it is wittessed with full of miseries and wounds, The bloodbath, violence and unrest which have affected the economy and education badly in Kashmir.

 Syed Showkat:

The role of Indian Army in Kashmir is defending its territory and the people of Kashmir, from Pak sponsored terrorists and from  some misguided anti-national elements. Kashmiries welcomed Indian army when they saved them from the ruthless and brutal role of Pakistani Pukhtoons (tribesman) in 1947.

Pakistan after losing three wars knows very well that it will never get Kashmir through direct war nor they want to, because they don’t want the people of Kashmir. They want to create violence, disturbance through Kashmiri people by means of misinterpretation of religion. Their interests are to keep the pot boiling and to ensure innocent bloodbath, violence and unrest which have affected the economy and education badly in Kashmir. The Pak Politicians know it but can’t help and the poor public of Pakistan continues to suffer, whereas India marches on towards superpower status.

From 1947 In Kashmir, Indian Army is performing its primary role of safeguarding the territorial integrity of India as also its secondary roles related to internal security and disaster relief etc while operating in aid to civil authority. This has been witnessed time and again in Kashmir that Kashmiri people are with India by proving and providing logistic support to the army in the elimination of Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. Without the support of common Kashmiri elimination of terrorism was/is impossible. Kashmir has witnessed  various unrests and growing terrorism, but during all unrests and violence erupted by the stooges of Pakistan in kashmir has witnessed one important thing that kashmiri youth who took part in violence and unrest never pelt stones, stop army vechle and never erupted with the army soldiers. This proves their full faith in Indian army.

An old military veteran said, let me assure everyone that the Indian Army is not an occupation force in Kashmir and it has the finest professional reputation/record of civilized standards in conduct of counter-insurgent/terrorist operations. Do beware of false enemy propaganda about atrocities by the occupation army etc. Any infringement of good conduct and military discipline is very severely punished by the Army authorities! Well, that cannot be stated in words what Indian Army is doing in Kashmir in bone chilling weather. We can only say that they are killing innumerable shits in Kashmir, whom we call (in common) as terrorists/militants and as HERO by brain washed, persuasive, easily mis-influenced Kashmiries in the valley.

I have been living in Kashmir since my birth and I have seen all ups and downs. Have gone through different kind of changes in Kashmir. I have not seen any fake encounters in my area. I have not restrained to profess religion nor have been beaten by the army without the fault. Army has been seen helping people by restraining their connect with the bad people. They have seen helping students in education, helping youth in de-radicalization; helping stone palters in main- streamnization and helping society during any eventuality.  Army behaves nicely if you behave with them nicely. Helping common people in every aspect. May be you are having impression that I live in some area which is relatively calm and people have good relationship with army. If you think so you are absolutely wrong. The area in which I live is heart of militancy with both their previous leader and new leader at arm’s length from my village. During my teenage up to maturity, I have seen the immoral and uncivilized unethical attitude of militants who become law breakers and killed thousands of innocent people in Kashmir.

Those who provide active support to militants got killed along with militants but the news floating around is innocent person got killed. So peace in Kashmir is not only sole responsibility of Indian forces, it’s a two sided way. If militancy prevails there, Kashmir will bleed. No one can win by taking up arms against a huge nation.

Indian Army is fighting the terrorists, who abduct and kill even the locals, to bring peace to the Valley. Whereas, the stone palters are supporting the terrorists and separatists, for money, to keeps the pot boiling. They have no agenda or ideology but to work on proxy of their financiers, across the border.Peace is at the doors of the Valley. From last some years violence and unrest has rest in peace



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