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Betaab valley, originally called the Hajan valley or the Hagan Valley, is located at a distance of 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Pahalgam, Anantnag district, Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It took nearly three decades for Bollywood to revisit the scenic Betaab valley. This picture-perfect spot is located only 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) away from Pahalgam in the Jammu & Kashmirs Anantnag district. This valley got its name because of a successful Bollywood movie, Betaab, that was shot in the picturesque surroundings of this Kashmiri valley. The valley is located towards north-east of Pahalgam, falling between Pahalgam and Chandanwadi, on the way to Amarnath temple Yatra.

To point out, The Valley got the valleys name from Saras mother, Amrita Singh, and the debut movie Betaab by Sunny Deol, released in 1983. This happened in the year 1983, where the two superstars, Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, were introduced to the world. After the success of the hit film Betaab, Betaab valley attracted some renowned Bollywood directors; but after that, because of a threat from militancy, filming was discouraged. Baisaran and Thulian Lake are the few nearby attractions to be visited. Kashmir was a hub for Indian movie industry in the sixties and eighties. As Jammu & Kashmir has been the favourite spot of film-makers since the sixties, the state has a number of places named after Bollywood movies. Jammu and Kashmir is surrounded by many beautiful valleys and mountains. Tourists are equally able to witness great mountain ranges like the Amarnath.

The island of Lidder, one-and-a-half kilometres away from the valley, is full of willow trees and is a lovely place. On the road to Amarnath temple yatra, Valley to Upper East is an amazing place, set in upper eastern Pahalgam. It was such an odd, long walk into the valley, and when dusk and mist started settling on the valley, I watched the skies for a good long time, tuning into the music of a water-stream near the valley, which was lit with natures finest hues. You must, in any case, travel across a forest in a narrow road to reach it from Pahalgam. It is better to get on your way back and get to Pahalgam before it gets dark. If you are staying one day at Pahalgam, time the journey so you are there by the evening. Explore the whole list of places to see in Pahalgam before planning the trip. Whether you are traveling for work or for a holiday, Pahalgam has many popular hotels for you to choose from.


Hotel Hilltop, The Brown Palace, and Radisson Golf Resort Pahalgam are popular hotels for accommodation. When traveling to Pahalgam for the first time, many travelers struggle with choosing a hotel to stay in. Raja Guest House in Pahalgam has 24 hour reception service as well as guest rooms. Featuring a private bathroom with bathtub and slippers, rooms in the guesthouse also provide a riverside view. Raja Guesthouse in Pahalgam Laripora in Pahalgam Guesthouse in Pahalgam is located 2 miles away. At Valley View Resorts, Hotel Evergreen, and Moon View Resorts in Pahalgam, guests get to eat pahalgam-style breakfasts.


A valuable gem in the tourism circuit of Jammu & Kashmir, the Betaab Valley is one of the few tourist spots in Pahalgam to go and must-visit. Betaab Valley is also a favourite camping spot of travellers, since Betaab valley doubles up as the base camp for treks and further explorations in the mountains. The valley is within walking distance from Pahalgam. Surrounded by gorgeous snow-capped mountains and covered in green grasslands, Betaab valley is definitely one of a kind considering that it is definitely the kind of place where you can get easy peace and lose yourself in a retirement world. The Betaab Valley, located in Anantnag district in Jammu & Kashmir, is located hardly 15 kilometers away from Pahalgam, originally known as the Hagan valley or Hagoon valley.




Sultan Ghiyas-ud-Din Zain-ul-Abidin, more commonly known to his courtiers as the greatest native King who has ever ruled Kashmir, Sultan Ghiyas-ud-Din Zain-ul-Abidin, has his throne in the Betaab Valley, and the people here are merely the reflection of his kind. Pahalgam is to be reached via road from Srinagar; the distance between them is 92.5 kilometers. This article is a stub. The important thing you must keep in mind is that taxis from Srinagar to Srinagar only drop you at Pahalgam. If you are not travelling on a car of your own, then the only alternative is to hire a private taxi to Pahalgam. The local taxi syndicate of Pahalgam does not permit the Srinagar cabs to drive tourists sightseeing in any nearby areas, so you have to hire another local cab. If tourists are visiting the valley from Srinagar, then they may even get a bus from the JKSRTC. Do bear in mind that the one-day trip to Pahalgam is going to be an exhausting journey, with a lot of time spent travelling by road, moving from place to place. I mean, do not expect to get a ticket and get a glimpse of a mountain, a river, or a valley. The main places that you should not miss visiting in and around the Betaab valley include the Lidder River, Pahalgam, the Overa Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, Tulian Lake, and Lidder Fun Park.


Film shooting has all but stopped since militancy broke out in the Kashmir valley, but now that things are improving, you might be hoping the Indian movie industry will return soon to what is widely considered to be its original home. The threat of militancy has been a deterrent for more than 30 years, but with filmmaker Imtiaz Ali shooting his movie Rockstar (2011) in Betaab Valley, starring actors Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, the violence seems a thing of the past.

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