U-safe Zone refutes claims of sealing of their industrial unit

Srinagar, April 02: A day after, team led by Assistant Deputy Director of Drug Control Baramulla visited the U-safe Zone industrial unit and froze some bottles of hand sanitizers and issued a show-cause notice to the unit.As per the statement issued to media, MS of the unit the step of making sanitizers was taken to meet the current crisis for the larger good of the community.The officials asked due to the current ongoing crisis and shortage of masks, sanitizers, ventilators, etc we took an initiative to manufacture sanitizers as we had already availability of raw material and formulation.Following the incident, some people had spread the rumor of sealing the whole industrial unit.“ It is fabricated news and intended to for other purposes,” they said.“There are many people who are making it on their own for the welfare of people. The same was our motive with the same intention,” it said.As per the statement they had also purchased masks and gloves for the same. We had decided to sell and distribute these without any profit to people, NGOs, and distributors, reads the statement.Statement further reveals that they had been abiding by all rules and regulations since the foundation but due to crisis in markets, we took only this step to meet the needs of our people.The news read that the unit was sealed but only bottles were frozen, as mentioned in the show-cause notice. This lead to defamation which eventually brought disrepute to our company.It is pertinent to mention that the manufacturing of sanitizers was followed with proper procedures. The product is not substandard. If proven so we are ready to face the consequences, they said.
“We have the license of each and every other product and have also applied for the license of sanitizer manufacturing,” the statement said. (JKNS)

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