Attempt to browbeat to muzzle genuine voices extremely unfortunate, alleges CPI (M)

Srinagar Reacting to a senior police officer’s comment allegedly ‘warning people who are raising their voice against the new domicile law’, CPI (M) on Friday said that ‘the attempt to browbeat adopted by the government to muzzle genuine voices of people is extremely unfortunate’.IGP, Kashmir, on Friday reportedly said that police will arrest those trying to incite people on the new Domicile Law.
“Government seems more comfortable in silencing dissent voices through force and browbeating. This tactics is most unfortunate and condemnable and has no place in a democratic setup. Don’t muzzle protests. Anger is anger. You don’t know when it will burst out,” CPI (M) said in a statement issued here on Friday.
“Government of India is changing legislations to arm the authorities and disarm the population. The situation in Jammu & Kashmir can only be salvaged by restoring democracy. The administration should allow the people to speak up and end the reign of forced silence.If the unprecedented subversion of democracy did not end, it would only benefit those who want uncertainty and disturbance to prevail in J&K,” it said.
The CPI (M) said that under the new domicile rules even the only government jobs reserved for those with domicile “level 4” will very soon go to non-J&K aspirants who meet the domicile requirements under the new policy.
“Under the new rules for defining permanent residents who can own property and are eligible for government jobs — the categories are made more expansive: Those who have lived in the state for 15 years; those who have studied seven years in the state and written their Class 10 or Class 12 examinations; the children of such people; the children of a whole range of central government officials who have served 10 years in J&K; and such official themselves,” it said.
The CPI (M) said that the timing of the order is equally disquieting. “At a moment when the entire nation, including J&K, is focused on the fight against COVID, it was inappropriate and insensitive to push in new rules that will directly impact the lives of the people of the former state,” it added.

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