Coronavirus: While 17 new cases come to fore, 7 confirmed cases test negative

Srinagar, April 04, :  While 7 confirmed cases of coronavirus positive cases tested negative on Saturday, 17 fresh cases tested positive for the Covid-19 disease by the evening, raising the number of cases testing positive for the virus in Jammu and Kashmir to There was a little relief in the day, when the officials announced that 7 confirmed cases had tested negative for the disease and only 3 testing positive; however by the evening a sense of concern again occupied the space, with officials saying that 14 more patients had tested positive for novel coronavirus disease.Officials said among the 17 patients testing positive 14 are from Kashmir, while 3 testing positive earlier in the day are from Udhampur in Jammu division, who had a foreign travel history. Thus the number of cases, which have tested positive in Jammu and Kashmir so far, has risen to an alarming figure of 92. Out of which 2 have died, while 2 have recovered.Out of 14 from Kashmir division, officials said that 8 are admitted in Baramulla, 5 in Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura, while one of the patients is admitted in Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar.Meanwhile, seven confirmed cases for Covid-19 were declared negative on Saturday.Officials at Pulmonology related CD Hospital in Srinagar, while confirming the results, said that 7 Covid-19 patients admitted in the hospital were now negative, who continue to stay in quarantine.“Once they complete the stipulated quarantine period, their samples will again be taken for testing, before they are discharged from the hospital”, added the officialEarlier on Friday, tests of two Covid-19 patients were found to be negative and they were discharged. 

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