Gandhi Nagar Hospital, Jammu geared up to tackle corona pandemic effectively

JAMMU, APRIL 05: Medical Superintendent, Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar, Dr. Lakshman Dass Bhagat Sunday said that every effort is being made to provide proper treatment to the Covid-19 patients adding that the hospital has been geared up to tackle the pandemic effectively.”We are taking proper care and following all the health care guidelines in order to provide proper treatment to the patients in an efficient manner,” he said. Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar which has been designated exclusively as Covid-19 hospital has a capacity for 270 isolation beds.Dr Bhagat said that the health department took early steps and readied the new block of the hospital to handle coronavirus patients.”We worked in a coordinated manner and readied the new block to handle COVID-19 patients in a matter of days. We do not want to take any chances and are preparing ourselves to meet any eventuality,” he added.About the deployment of the staff in the new block, Dr Bhagat said that they have deployed the staff and any additional requirement of the staff is being provided by the Directorate of Health Services Jammu.He said that adequate supplies of medicine have been made available and all the machinery and other necessary equipment have been put in place.He said that the decision to dedicate Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar and other hospitals in Jammu and Kashmir entirely for treating Covid-19 cases was taken to augment the isolation facilities.“We have started separate Covid OPD in our hospital so that any symptomatic case does not meet any general patient in the hospital thus spreading the virus,” he said.Dr Bhagat said that in order to treat the COVID-19 patients in an efficient manner, the government has ordered suspension of non-urgent operations and other treatments to free up capacity to meet any eventuality.Lauding the role of the medical practitioners in handling COVID-19 patients, he said that they are performing a great job in these difficult times.Emphasizing the need for cooperation from all sections of the society, he said that figt against coronavirus is a collective one and all need to play their due role to fight the pandemic.He said people need to follow the advisories issued by the government from time to time to prevent further spread of this fatal disease and contribute in the fight against the disease.”We need to understand that if proper precautions will be taken by people and they reveal their travel history to the authorities, lot of time and resources will be better utilized in the fight against the pandemic,” he said.

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