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Accept facts of the dispute and start resolution process: JKDFP to New Delhi

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Rejecting the wrong notion that Kashmir issue is related to law and order, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has said that Kashmir issue is an internationally accepted dispute and needs to be resolved according to the wishes of the people.

The Spokesperson of JKDFP has said in a statement that the people of Jammu Kashmir have sacrificed a lot in the way of resolving the long pending resolution so giving a notion that it is a law and problem not only hurts the majority of the people but is a denial to the historical fact that people living in the disputed region are yet to exercise their right to self determination.

 The Freedom Party Spokesperson said that killings, arrests and other such imperialistic measures cannot deter the people of Jammu Kashmir from voicing the facts about the dispute.

Since some days, police and other forces agencies are busy counting the killings in recently concluded year in a way as if these killings are a result of the people of Kashmir. The JKDFP said that fact of the matter is that India is using its military might since decades together to kill and crush the freedom sentiment of the people. However, New Delhi and its local agents have miserably failed in doing so despite killing thousands of people, maiming even more and jailing leaders like Shabir Shah and others.

If India and its local agents are serious in stopping the ongoing bloodshed in the disputed region, they must accept the historical facts about the dispute and start a resolution process. The first and foremost step of which is to release all political prisoners and start demilitarizing the region and create an atmosphere where people can express their will and wish independently.

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